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Freitag, 31.10.2014

TechCalc® 2.0 (Windows and Android)

Calculating thermal performances for complex installations is a very demanding and time-consuming task. ebz Süd in cooperation with ISOVER has therefore developed Techcalc, a thermal calculation tool to help industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors to design thermally efficient constructions quickly, easily and with reliable results.

TechCalc uses procedures laid down in ISO 12241, and supporting engineering rules such as the VDI 2055, as the basis for its thermal insulation calculations. The software brings together decades of practical experience and offers detailed calculation procedures with an easy-to-use interface covering a full range of different scenarios:

    Thermal heat flow and surface temperature
    Required insulation thickness depending on thermal heat flow and/or surface temperature
    Minimum insulation levels required to prevent condensation
    Drop in temperature over time for inactive/stored media
    Temperature drop along pipe lines
    Effect of moisture accumulation  in cooling and refrigeration pipework
    Prevention of freezing in water pipes
    Calculation of operating costs and amortisation of insulation work
    U-values and R-values
    Calculation of CO2-Emissions
    Calculation of buried pipes
    Calculation of freezing time water

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TechCalc® 2.0 sixty day free-licence (Windows)


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